Tips For The Best Floral Arrangement

Flower arrangements are a significant part of any occasion such as weddings, birthdays, parties or other celebrations in a person life. Displaying a beautiful floral arrangement in your home or office is a wonderful idea to make the space more inviting.

Arranging The Flowers

Adding a touch of warmth and beauty to your space, a floral design consists of gathering a lovely selection of flowers, foliage and other floral accessories, and organising them into a display piece by using a container such as a vase, box, ceramic container or basket. To hold the flower in place a wet floral foam sponge is used which contains water.

A guide to making an arrangement successful is to make your bouquet about one and a half times taller than its container. By balancing the width and the height, this will make the display more appealing. Clip any thorns or foliage from the flowers as this will help avoid risky bacteria from entering the water and keep the flowers healthy and fresh.

Selecting The Design

There are 6 basic rules for arranging flowers which are proportion, balance, harmony, rhythm, colour and texture. To create a stunning flower arrangement you must begin with the correct flowers. Commence by selecting the central colour for your arrangement. Pick 2-3 blooms with various shades of the same colour to complement each other, then select another flower in a contrasting colour, this will add a WOW factor. There are a number of different floral arrangement designs, which are;

  • Vertical flower arrangement
  • Triangular flowers
  • Crescent flower arrangement
  • ‘S’ shaped flower arrangement
  • Oval shaped flower arrangement
  • Cascade flower arrangement

Selecting The Correct Flower

Now the fun part is selecting the flowers you would like to use. Perhaps you would like a white flower such as a Camellia which symbolises love and affection or Lily of the Valley which are tiny white belled shaped blooms. Gardenias are another popular option, they are extremely popular during Mother’s Day. You may wish to use Daisies, Orchids or Roses in your design, the options are all beautiful.

A floral design can be made from fresh, dried or artificial flowers. However, to have a truly gorgeous arrangement, fresh is best. If you have a special occasion in the near future or perhaps you would like to surprise a loved one or imagine having a beautiful smelling flower arrangement in your home or office. Please contact Vhouse Meet and we will be more than happy to discuss and arrange a beautiful floral arrangement to suit your special occasion.

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