Most Long Lasting Flowers

When receiving a bouquet or gifting a bouquet, we want it to last an eternity. However, the most unfortunate factor of flowers is that they only last a short time. That is why we have created a list of beautiful flowers are renowned for their ability to be long lasting. Read on to see what flowers you can include in your next order to hopefully increase the life of your bouquet.


These flowers are renowned for their longevity as well as their value for money. Ranunculus can last up to a week, if well-kept and given the right care. They have a large, layered display and can be included in a bouquet as tight buds. Ask your local florist to include buds as well as aged, open ranunculus. That way you can be sure that the life of your bouquet can be spread over an extra few weeks.


Orchids can last up to months as a potted house plant or up to two weeks freshly cut. In particular, cymbidium orchids are known to be the most long lasting variety. Not only do they boast beautiful patterns and shapes, they stand out in any bouquet. You also do not need to have a bountiful bouquet to compliment these flowers. They can be styled simply in a delicate vase on its own.


Carnations tend to be overlooked as they may not be as popular or highly requested as some other unique flowers. However, these tend to be one of the most long lasting and versatile flowers on the market. These can be dyed to suit any event or occasion. They can last up to 3 weeks if they are well maintained. Carnations also take a while to fully bloom so you may surprise yourself with a different looking bouquet after a week or two.


A beautiful, large flower that makes an impact. Similar to Ranunculus, Lilies can be arranged with a few unopened buds. These will take a few days to open up. From the time they are freshly cut, they can last for almost two weeks. Like any of the other flowers mentioned, be sure to keep any of your beautiful bouquets away from sunlight as this may age the flowers significantly. You can also remove the pollen to increase the lifespan of your lilies.


Proteas tend to be the last ones standing in a bouquet. They have a number of different colours and can suit almost any arrangement. They add a statement and some varieties can last up to two weeks or even more, give they have the right care. King Proteas can be used as a single stem bouquet and look just as effective on their own. Talk about value for money!


Dubbed as the most long lasting flower of all, Zinnias can last up to 3 – 4 weeks in the vase if the water is changed every 3 or 4 days. They are joyful and bright to look at and are brilliant for the garden.

More tips and tricks for long lasting flowers

Regardless of the species of your bouquet, you can ensure the life of your arrangement with a few of these tips:

  • Keep flowers in the shade
  • Do not put flowers in direct sunlight
  • Trim all stems at a 45 degree angle to maximise the surface area for absorption.
  • Remove leaves that sit under the water as it can attract bacteria.
  • Purchase fresh flowers – you can guarantee fresh flowers from a florist like VHouse Meet. Avoid flowers from the grocery stores as they may have had more time in between the markets and the shelf.

If you are looking to purchase from an experienced florist that can arrange a long lasting bouquet, contact Vhouse Meet today.

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