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We proudly serve MECCA coffee!

Ask about our rotating single origin espresso +50c

Cappuccino 3.5 4.5
Latte 3.5 4.5
Flat white 3.5 4.5
Long black 3.5 4.5
Hot chocolate 3.5 4.5
Piccolo 3.5
Espresso 3.5
Ristretto 3.5
Mocha 4 5
Affogato 4 5
Tumeric latte 4 5
Chai latte 4 5
Babycino 4

Extras – single origin coffee, extra shot, hazelnut, vanilla, caramel 0.5

Alternative milks – almond, bon soy, macadamia, coconut 0.5

Tea 5

English breakfast
Just breath lemongrass, ginger
Sweet dreams strawberry, raspberry, rose hip shell, elderberry, blackberry, hibiscus flowers
Babe you got this sencha, jasmin blossom
Netflix & chill chamomile, lavender, blue cornflowers
Can’t adult today sencha, cornflower blossoms, rose petals, sunflower blossoms

Prana chai

Cold drinks

Smoothies 9 add protein 0.5– banana, green, berry (all served with honey & vanilla ice cream)
Milkshakes 5– strawberry, chocolate, vanilla
Soft drinks 4– coke, diet coke, sugar free coke, ginger beer
Water – san pellegrino sparkling 4.5, voss 3.5
Kombucha 6– strawberry & lemon, lemon & ginger
Noahs juices 5– apple & peach, apple & guava, crush apple, apple watermelon & mint, valencia orange
Fresh juice 8 – orange, apple

Breakfast served till 11:30

Toast & your choice of spread

Sonoma sourdough 6

Sonoma walnut & raisin bread 6

Gluten free bread 7

Vegemite, berry jam, honey, peanut butter

Wattle it be 12

Sonoma sourdough & eggs your way

Poached, fried, scrambled

VHouse breakfast board 22

Bacon, poached eggs w/ rocket, roast tomato, grilled haloumi, steamed asparagus, chorizo & finished off with fresh herbs & artisan sourdough

Lox stock & barrel 22

Corn fritters served w/ our inhouse slow roasted capsicum relish, smoked salmon, poached eggs, avocado & tomato salsa and toasted artisan sourdough

The morning routine 12

Bacon, fried egg on a toasted ciabatta roll with aioli & tomato relish

Hand picked from the farm 22 v

Toasted artisan sourdough dusted with dukkha, cherry tomatoes, haloumi, rocket, edamame, avocado, poached eggs, balsamic vinegar, pearl cous cous, persian feta & fresh herbs

Forgetmeknot 15 v

Puffed corn & nut granola w/ seasonal fruit, chia seeds & coconut yoghurt

Toasted banana bread or Mango & coconut bread 9 v

Topped with ricotta, raspberry coulis & iron bark honey

Gluten free banana bread available 10

Sides– Bacon 4, One egg your way 3, Fresh or grilled tomato 3, Smoked salmon 6, Chorizo 4, Garlic & thyme mushrooms 4, Grilled haloumi 4, Sliced avo 4, Persian feta 4, Ricotta 2

Lunch served from 12.00

Salad bowls

Moroccan 15 v
Roast sweet potato, zucchini, Nic’s pickled onions, bell peppers, chickpeas, couscous, almonds, raisins topped with a poached egg topped w/fresh herbs & sunshine dressing

Yummy tummy 15 v
Steamed broccoli, kale, snap peas, cucumber, roast pumpkin, avocado, quinoa, edamame beans, lemon, apple cider vinegar dressing
15 v
Charred corn, tomato salsa, capsicum, avocado, chilli beans, jalapeño, sour cream finished with fresh herbs & lime

Vegan 15 v
Falafel & coconut yoghurt, flatbread, babaganoush, roast sweet potato, quinoa, tabbouleh & Nic’s pickled onion


Choice of ciabatta, milk bun or GF options

All served with waffle chips

Vegie burger 15 v
Lentil paddi, roast capsicum, roast zucchini & pumpkin, grilled onion, green leaf, pesto dressing

Wagyu burger 15
Waygu beef, aged cheddar green leaf, tomato, pickles, grilled onions, slow roasted relish & honey mustard

Southern grilled chicken burger
Chicken, bacon, aged cheddar, green leaf, tomato, chipotle aoli & tomato relish


Mexican 12
Mexican chilli beans, sliced beef, tomato, green leaf, jalapeño, charred corn and sour cream

Vegan 12 v
Tabouli, babaganoush, green leaf, falafel, coconut yogurt, sweet potato

Chicken 12
Maple infused bacon, grilled chicken, onion, tomato, green leaf, chipotle aioli, pickles and aged cheddar cheese


Eggs & bacon 10

Eggs, bacon & soldiers

Chicken & chips 10

Grilled chicken & waffle chips

Kids milkshake & Tcup biscuit 5

Strawberry, chocolate, vanilla

Sides- Grilled chicken 6, Crispy skin salmon 12, Lentil paddi 6, Corn fritter 6, Egg your way 3, Waffle chips 5

Catering Menu

Gourmet sandwiches or farm house mini rolls from 6.00

served on either white or wholegrain with assorted gourmet fillings

  • Pulled beef cheese and homemade pickles,
  • Roast vegi, tabouli,
  • Grilled chicken mix leaf tomato spanish onion aloi

Platters of mixed wraps: from 10.95

  • Grilled Chicken, bacon, cheese and pickles
  • Falafel, roast sweet potato and tabouli, babaganoush,
  • Pulled beef, mexi beans, sour cream a md jalapenos
  • Corn fritter, smoke salmon, salsa

Hot Platters: from 60.00 CREATE YOUR OWN

Assorted warming tasty treats such as pumpkin and chilli or spinach and ricotta rolls, Spinach, cheese or chicken, spinach gozleme and assorted Quiche, Mini corn fritters, Mini lentil paddi, Soup, Stuff capsicum and Mushrooms, Marinated chicken wings, Mini satay chicken sticks, Arancini Balls, Thai Pork meatballs with corrinader, chilli and ginger dressing, Lamb kofta with inhouse tomato relish, tazatziki

Sliders: 6.00

Pulled beef, vegetarian, grilled chicken


  • Chicken waldorf – Roast vegi – Mexican – vhouse salad

Fruit Platters: seasonal fruit served with roasted nuts and coconut yoghurt

Grazing boards:

Brimming with fresh quality seasonal produce, delectable shaved meats, opulent olives, roasted nuts, a selection of handpicked cheeses and inhouse dips served with crackers or flatbread


Sweet boards available also with a selection of fruit, nuts, rocky road and sweet treats.

All platters are made to order.

Minimum of 24hrs notice for all Catering.

All Catering to be paid in full at time of ordering.

Enquire about all our Gluten Free, Vegan and Vegetarian options.