How To Make your flowers last longer

We often wish our beautiful flowers would last forever, and it’s possible! We know the top 5 ways to preserve your freshly cut flowers. Whether you have a bouquet of roses or vase of water lilies, no matter what flowers you have, your Sylvania florist Vhouse Meet is here to help you make them last using your everyday household ingredients.

Tip 1: Soft Drink

Soft drink is usually If you have an empty bottle of soft drink with a few drops left over, or just have some to spare, pour ¼ of a cup of the soft drink into a vase full of water where your flowers are located The sugar in the soft drinks will increase the life of your flowers. (If you want your water in the vase to appear as water, we recommend using lemonade or Sprite to keep the see-through look)

Tip 2: Hair Spray

Just like hair spray keeps your hair in place and preserves your hairstyle, it does the same to flowers! Hair spray will help preserve your flowers look fresh for longer. Hold the hair pray bottle 30cm away from your blossoms, and spray below the petals, as this will help the flowers remain in place. Let your flowers dry overnight and watch them strive.

Tip 3: Apple Cider Vinegar

Vhouse Meet in Sylvania offers beautiful bouquets perfect for anniversaries, birthdays or celebrations so why not try to make them last a lifetime! One way your flowers will last longer is by using apple cider vinegar; to do this, mix 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar with 2 tablespoons of sugar into your vase of water. It is important to change the water with the vinegar and sugar every few days so your flowers are soaking up a fresh formula.

Tip 4: Coins

This might be an unusual way to preserve your flowers, but it is a simple DIY at-home trick to make your bouquet last. All you have to do is add a copper coin and a cube of sugar into your vase of water. The copper pennies are known to work as an acidifier, which prevents the growth of bacteria, meaning your freshly cut flowers will be free of any bacteria and therefore strive.

Tip 5: The Fridge

Now, this is definitely the simplest form of preserving your flowers, cold temperatures are known to slow the growth of your flowers. If you want your flowers to bloom for a special night, or make them last until the weekend, we recommend putting them in the fridge until its time to put them on display!

Vhouse Meet Sylvania Florist

Flowers are a beautiful gesture, they look lovely and smell wonderful until a week passes and they no longer look the same! That’s why you should try these at home tips to preserve your beautiful flowers. Vhouse Meet is your local Sylvania florist who specialises in everything flowers. Browse our range of beautiful bouquets online or in-store today.

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